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5 Pointers to keep in mind for choosing SEO Experts

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Regardless the possibility that you have abundant knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, you might require a professional SEO company to boost your website page rank. You are giving the best of your endeavors and still fail miserably to drive traffic on your website; it is high time that you get your website optimized from SEO Experts.

With the continuous boom in digital marketing sector in growing economy like India, we have noticed plenty of digital media agencies in metro cities.  Delhi being a popular hub in digital media sector we have noticed sudden surge in SEO companies. But before investing in any organization you must know that there are a lot of trustworthy companies as well as unreliable ones. So it is significant that you chose an organization which provides best SEO Services new delhi. So here are few pointers you must keep in mind before opting for SEO services.

 Website Audit guide

The first and foremost important point you should consider before choosing any SEO organization is that the firm offers you a site evaluation guide. The organization must provide you an extensive report of your website present status, and where it needs improvement in terms of SEO. Do ask for a proposal or an audit report of your website on the basis of ranking and design structure. Also ask for the solutions related to improving the performance, content, and design of your website.

Keyword research tools used

Keywords play a major part in search engine optimization. Do ask the prospect SEO agency about the tools they use for keyword research. Make sure that the agency provides a competitive analysis of your chosen keywords. Try and evaluate the keywords suggested using a small keyword research on your own using tools like keyword planner in Google AdWords.

Backlinks to Website

Backlinks are crucial and vital for SEO.  The SEO Company should have the capacity to acquire high quality links from websites of your niche. Ask your SEO prospect Company the technique they will use to acquire those backlinks.

Realistic Timeline

Many SEO firms claim to get your website rank on first page of search results within month. Practically, no organization can guarantee such results in few days. SEO is an ongoing process and an SEO campaign needs 6-12 months to deliver best results. Don’t fall prey to such false promises and ask for realistic deadlines.

Providing Relevant Traffic

Getting huge traffic is not the single aim of SEO. Rather than aiming for only traffic you should aim for targeted traffic. Quality SEO ensures relevant traffic to your website, as irrelevant traffic will lead to a higher bounce rate (traffic which visit your website and leave soon) of your website.  Irrelevant traffic can be diverted to your website through spamming, Black Hat SEO and keyword stuffing which can lead to penalization from search engines in long run.

Relevant traffic which arrives through a relevant keyword will stick to your website. The targeted traffic might even subscribe and tend to become the repeated visitors of your website. So do ask the SEO firm the strategy they will use to drive quality traffic on the website.


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