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Why You Should Use Google Tag Manager?

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Google Tag Manager

The more the site becomes viral, the more are the chances of it getting worse in the performance. The reason for this phenomenon is the habit of adding tags to increase the functionality of the website which ends up in overcrowding of the pages. The respite in this field came in the form of Google Tag Manager (GTM). With this tool, the marketers got the sword like tool which helps them in adding, editing as well as removing the marketing tags without incorporating the help of a webmaster. Let’s take a look at the reasons which hints at why you should also use Google Tag Manager:

  • Making the website future proof
    There was a time when the task of upgrading to universal analytics seemed to be a hefty task because of the whole lot of code swapping and page modification that was required. But if you use GTM, upgrading to universal analytics takes simple modification and much less of effort as well as time.
  • Debug options
    With the debug option available in the Google Tag Manager, you can actually test the updates and debug them in your own browser before actually publishing them on the website. This feature is really important.
  • User permissions
    With Google Tag Manager, you get the option of setting permissions for users for the purpose of viewing, editing and publishing. You can control the individuals who have the option of making updates on the website and thus assist in creation of tags and macros.
  • Version control
    GTM is a great remedy for problems related to organisation of tags and the related problems. Here, once you publish a change, a new version is created, but the older versions are archived. This way, in case you want to get back to the old version, you can easily switch.
  • Built in tags
    For each of the renowned ad networks such as AdWords, GTM has included certain tags. This feature is particularly useful to the novice marketers who lack the needed experience in the field of coding. With this, the marketers can easily customize the tags with the help of the available information and without the need of using the codes.
  • Flexible
    Google Tag Manager is a great support for the marketers. When the marketers work with GTM, they need not make use of the services of developers at each and every step. Thus the developers can also focus on the bigger things, with minute tweaks being handled by the marketers themselves. The customization feature of GTM can help greatly with the tasks of the website.

All features of google tag manager


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