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Now Captioning is Very Easy!!

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Now Captioning is Very Easy

Started with a basic platform for phones then commencing better versions of the various platforms, with the sweetest names possible and latest upgrade from jelly Bean to Kit Kat made it much better. The moment word caption is heard the corresponding word that comes into mind is subtitles, but that is just like saying Jelly Bean and Kit Kat are same as they are platforms for phones. One should recognize that Kit Kat is more evolved version with lots of added features than Jelly Bean. The same principle applies to captions and subtitles.

Subtitles are nothing but a mere translation of one language into another to make it feasible in a group of listeners, while conversely, caption is a much wider term with so many obligations on it. Its purpose is not mere translating the language, but it is for providing better aid to the deaf in order to give…

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