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Better Accessibility Features in Kit Kat

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Mostly everyone nowadays understands the words caption and subtitles interchangeably, but in real terms they are distinct from each other. Subtitles are usually meant for translating other languages into the language of the listener, usually in foreign movies, while, on the other hand, captions are for providing additional information and help in aid deaf. Captions are more adaptable to live broadcast and weather telecast, they are much better when compared subtitles as their positions can be changed. Captions are usually called as closed captions (CC).

There are many developments since the process of captioning was first introduced in respect of technical as well as legal. The main significance of captioning is the reach to different language people and the aid provided to the deaf community.

Android version 4.4 Kit Kat facilitates some functions that enable the closed captions to modify them, with respect to their way of writing, language used…

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