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How and why do Google select titles in SERP?

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Title of a Web Page

Titles are one of the major aspects considered by Google while optimizing the search results. Many questions have been aroused in the past on how Google select ‘titles’ in the search results. Two of such interesting questions were;

  1. What are the criteria Google considers while changing the ‘title’ in SERPs?  Whether schema is an influencing factor or is it headings (h1, h2…)?
  2. Why do Google show H1 tag from HTML page instead of the current Meta title or description?

Google, whenever tries to select the title of a page, it looks for a brief description of the webpage which also matches with the query. The few decisive factors Google considers are

  1. Moderately short and crisp title
  2. The title should describe the web page, moreover the website significantly
  3. It should be pertinent to the search query to an extent

Therefore, if your web’s existing HTML title goes with the above criteria, then most surely Google will use your title as default i.e. it should accurately describe your website and the page. But if your current HTML title does not match the criteria and does not define the purpose of your web page or website; user, if enters a query in the search engine and do not find  your site relevant to it, Google might reconsider the title and look deeper in to the matter in the following ways

  1. Use content on your page
  2. Look at the links that connect to your page and consider texts from those links
  3. Or use the open directory project to select a suitable title

The aim of Google is to retrieve the best title that the user can assess while posting a query in SERP. You are completely in control of the title of the page, but it’s recommended to anticipate what the user might ask and reflect the same in your title.

Author: Kundan Bora


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