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Four Ways to Research On the Domain You Planning to Buy

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Domain name can be acquired in two ways: you can either register a completely fresh domain name or buy an existing domain from a registrar. But there are chances that the domain bought might have trouble with Google in the past unbeknownst to you. You have to do a little research before buying a domain to prevent such hindrances.  There is couple of way to do the research:

  1. Site colon search: Try to search the site which you are going to buy. If you find no results from the domain, even though there is content on it, then it is not a great site to opt.
  2. Domain Name search: You can also search for the domain name without the ‘.com or .org’ and check how repetitive the name is in the search results. By doing this you can stumble on the spammers’ past activities with the domain name.
  3. Internet Archive:  This is a very competent way to find out about your domain vulnerability. All you have to do is enter the Domain name in the archive and the archive will immediately retrieve the previous versions of the site. And if you find the previous versions spamming, then you should reconsider your choice of buying it.
  4. Also when you planning to buy a domain, you can ask the current owner to show you the analytics of the webmaster tool console to check for any messages or screen shots or the traffic over the time. If the traffic is consistent but has suddenly dropped down, then you should avoid the domain.

Despite all of that, you still buy the domain and then find some search engine issues, you can send in for a reconsidering request. If you are buying the Domain because of the links it will carry over, then you should know that when you buy it, the links will not be carried forward.

Author: Kundan Bora


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