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Two Recurring SEO Myths about Google

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mythsSearch Engine Optimization is gaining credence at present. There are many positive benefits if you opt for SEO to develop your website. But there are few SEO myths that we notice being repeated at different social forums.

There are two biggest conspiracy SEO myths about Google. One of the myths we always hear is your web page will rank higher if you buy ads and exactly contrasting to it we hear that if you don’t buy any ads, your web page will rank higher.  There is another relating myth which states: Google makes changes to drive people to buy ads which in point of fact are not true.

Google thrives to return perfect search results to the users to make them happy because a happy user is a loyal user. This will make them to visit Google next time when they want information. Google will not make any algorithmic changes to make your buy ads.  Buying Ads will neither technically hurt you nor help you algorithmically in anyway.

The second biggest SEO myth is users believe in various fads like: the best way to rank higher is submitting articles in article directories or if you are totally into ‘guest blogging’, you would be number one or you got to have ‘link wheels’ to rank at the top. These fads keep repeating time and again.

If you all think practically then you would know that if someone had the knowledge about how to make money online in a full-proof way, he would have made money that way rather than posting and updating about it on internet or e-books or broachers and sell it to people. In truth, there is no software application developed that will guide you to make money online through SEO.

And, even if you find such software, be sensible enough and think logically before investing on it because they are not worth it. No one will sell their brains if they knew how to make money online. They would rather keep it a secret. So, be aware of such tools as they have the potential to dig you into holes.

Author: Kundan Bora


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