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The Next Gen Smart Device Sure to Blow You Away – Google Glass

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Google has again stunned us with their new technology, Google Glass.  Google glass is a small hands-free device fit to your eyes like a sunglass which can perform all activities like maps, search, navigations, emails, voice and video calls, messaging etc.  The glass Explorers are a group of developers who works on the Google glass technology and are thriving to improve its functionality every day. Here are few tips or advices by the Explorers on Google Glasses.


  • On the Go exploration – The glass helps you to engage in other activities without any hassle. Since it is a hands- free and is attached to you, you can work on it from anywhere without having to concentrate only at it constantly.
  • Unique voice commands – You can cook and simultaneously go through the recipe without having to worry about holding your device.
  • Video recording – You can take videos with your glass at parties even if your hands are full. But make sure you ask permission before doing so. You don’t want to be indecent, do you?
  • My GlassApp or Page – Lost your glass? Now you can password protect it, like how you do to your smart phone. You can also reset your factory settings with the remote wipe option on your my Glass page.
  • Be in touch with Explorer Community – The Glass team ensures your device’s smooth operation, updates you with the latest development, and helps you when you are lost with the performance and share with you other wonderful advices.


  • Emergency – Google glass is for quick information retrieval or for an urgent situation handling. It is not for watching movies or reading books.
  • Fragile, handle with care – Like any other electronic device, Glass has to be taken care of while water skiing or hiking etc.
  • Share its goodness – You might come across with millions questions about the glass. Have patience and share the information and its techniques. Moreover, share the efficacy of the product.

Stick to the rules – Remember that Google Glasses are as much like Phones. So, when someone asks you to switch off your phone, kindly turn the device off. Help the Glass Explorers in a good way.

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  1. Heard it is great but too expensive! 🙂

  2. Lee Johnson says:

    I’ll wait until they can build them into a normal pair of spectacles or sunglasses.
    I don’t want to have them nicked or look like a total geek!
    Also macro zooming, telescopic, multispectram and night vision would be useful too! º!º lol lee.

  3. always91095 says:

    Reblogged this on always91095 and commented:
    Love Google Glass.

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