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The Dynamic Features of Google Webmaster Tools

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Features of Google Webmaster ToolsInternet is an amazing forum. You can easily create things and share with the entire world through it. Today, with the help of Google, usage of hardcopies has reduced significantly. Google has innumerable benefits. Type in a topic and within milliseconds you will get a hold on hundreds of links related to it to browse through.

But you might have many questions regarding the internet complicacies. For example, you open an online store for jewels. You might wonder how people would find your website on Google from the 1000s of site it already has.

But with the launch of Google Webmaster tools, things have been made easy. With the Google Webmaster tools, you can make sure that Google finds your store and shows it for the correct search queries (jewelry). Webmaster tools have some distinctive feature that would benefit you tremendously. Web master tools displays the errors that Google come across when reading your site, so you can rectify those errors and make the pages appear in search results. The errors can be anything from alignment of you web page or plagiarism or some technical issues.

So, whenever you create a new page for your product, you can with the help of web master tools check whether other people are linked to your page and also the frequency of your page appearing in Google search results. You can further use the data to discover the most successful pages and products on your store and focus on that and increase traffic to your site.

Google webmaster tools also checks your site for malwares like cloaking, hacking and other cyber crimes. It will also send you mail alerts if anything dysfunctional pops up and moreover you have features where solutions with samples have been provided to keep your site malware free.

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