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Web Spam Teams, Web Spam Algorithms and its Evolution

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web spamWeb Spam teams work is to reduce spammy contents on the Google web Server. They are generally divided into Engineers and Manual Spam fighters. Manual Spam fighters perform two actions: Reactive Spam fighting and Pro-active Spam fighting.

Reactive fighting refers to the activity carried out after a spam report is detected or when the team comes across of someone who has spammed a web page in Google. Hence, everyday an amount of time is invested to ensure that spammers do not infest the search results and make the whole experience an unpleasant one for the users.

Proactive fighting mode refers to an in depth research on the spam content. This is a continuation of reactive spam fighting. The team would first see the trends and patterns in the spam and then would try to understand how the ranking is high, what are the loop holes which are oppressed, how to get to the root of the problem and remove it. They implement by coordinating with the engineers on creating effective algorithms or by identifying techniques used by the spammers or by identifying a specific spammer and his actions.

Engineers work with coding and testing ideas. They write up algorithms to stop particular spam. You should be aware that every spam action needs different algorithm to stop it. Let us take Hack sites for example. An engineer would use different techniques and write up algorithms that would catch as many hack sites as possible preserving safely the good sites which are not hacked. Furthermore, they would test it on indexes and experiment with URLs. And by doing so, several times they might come across with negative possibilities which they additionally try to improvise by editing the coding etc. Ultimately, they try to catch more spam sites and avoid catching the innocent sites.

This is a day to day and a continuous process. The web spam team revisits the algorithms to make sure they are still effective and working fine. The main purpose of theirs is to go back to the old algorithms and question the work they have executed; whether the procedure is followed properly or whether it is stale and outdated or defunct.

The work is very difficult and challenging yet dynamic. The web team always thrives to produce something better, cleaner and user friendly. This is also fun because every day you come across better things to research and analyze.

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