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Benefits of Responsive Design of a site’s SEO

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Google and WWW have evolved in the last few years drastically. Today people work more on their smart phones and tabs than on the traditional computer. And we can also notice a dynamic change in the style and format of a page when opened in a mobile phone browser.

 Responsive web-design for SEO

A very common yet interesting question faced by the Google webmaster is whether a site loses any SEO benefits if its influencing responsive design is different when compared to the traditional m. sites?

 Mobile Design

Whenever you have a web site that works properly for the usual desktop browser as well as for mobile phones, there are few convincing methods to do it. One is known as ‘responsive design’; here the page works completely well when an URL is accessed with a desktop browser and also when accessed with a mobile browser. The page will rescale automatically and the page size will be taken in to account which will then work perfectly. A different way which is also approachable is to pin down the user agent that pops up and use the redirect option, which afterward the smart phone might transmit in to ‘mobile.’ version of the web page.


In reality, you need not worry of a site user responsive design to lose its SEO benefit because you get the same URL.  If you create a ‘mobile.’ version of a page and you do not handle the page, is not well chronicled etc, you might have to divide the page rank between those two pages. But if you choose responsive design, every aspect is worked upon from a single URL as a result; the page rank will be undivided.

Ultimately, you have to ensure that your page is user friendly and work fine and need not worry about responsive design being a disadvantage for SEO.

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