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Frequently Made Errors in SEO and Best Practices in SEO

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As we all know, SEO is a process followed to increase the visibility of a web site or web page in a search engine’s search result. The more frequently a web page emerges in the search result; chances of visiting the site by the users will be more.

Let us look in to the 5 mistakes commonly made in SEO

1. Working on SEO before your site has value proposition

Why would a user select your site in the search result? What differentiates your business from your competitors’? What separates your site from the others; is it low price, customer support, free shipping or better product description? These are the essential questions you need to ask yourself. If you want to stay on top of the result, searchers need a value prop to visit and re-visit your site.

Two Tiered Segmentation

2. Segmented Approach to SEO

It should not be as if you are all in the same company but each department is segmented and not properly synchronized with the SEO team. A holistic approach to SEO is to consider the entire user experience; from marketing campaign all the way to the actual conversion. As a SEO, you cannot just focus on regular keywords but you also need to integrate marketing campaign for the company you are working with.

3. Putting effort in time – consuming workaround

Rather, research on new features or best practices that can simplify your tasks. For example in paginated site content instead of using rel = ‘canonical’ for subsequent pages to the page one, use rel = ‘next’ and rel = ‘prev’ markup. And use ‘Fetch as Googlebot in webmaster tool to crawl URLs.


4. Getting caught in SEO trends

Initially, websites and search engines chased users separately, then came a period when few websites started chasing search engines algorithms. So, instead of focusing on keyword density, you can spend your time by making your content readable, compelling and informative. Try and avoid SEO trends but prioritize your tasks that will bring lasting values.

5. Slow iteration

The faster your team iterates the better, as at Google SEO is constantly evolving. Your aims involve; defining metrics for success, implementing improvements, measuring impacts, creating new improvements and prioritizing improvements based on markets and personnel and repeat.

Tips to practice in SEO:

• Innovative – have a value proposition that separates you from your competitors

• Make sure your content include the keywords people actually search for and don’t bother about keyword density

• Be smart about your tags – title tags and merit description tags and site architecture

• Sign up for email forwarding in ‘Webmaster Tools’. This will allow important messages and notifications from Google on technical issues

• Attract buzz. This helps great reviews, natural links, follows and +1s

• Expand your reach to social media sites or make sure your site is accessible on smart phones. Stay fresh and relevant.
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