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Are article Directories Used Links Worth?

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Webmaster console in Google receives a lot of interesting questions about links, indexes, crawling etc. One of the questions asked which is worth discussing was whether links from relevant content in article directories is seen as good or bad? For example is it recommended to link a beauty website from a cosmetic article on said?

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Articles directories, overtime, have acquired lesser than a good name. So, just for recollection, an article directory is usually 400 to 500 words of content where you write on different subjects. It is also called as content farms.  You include a buyer or some specific info about you or the topic at the bottom of the article and you might then add two-three links with keyword affluent anchor texts at the base of that piece of writing. And then you summit it to a lot known as article directories, which then can be downloaded or paid to download and update them on personal websites.

The theory for this method is if some person finds this editorial useful and uploads on their web site, you might benefit with a few links.  But in reality what is observed that it habitually tends to be a slightly lower in quality. And moreover in more than one instances you will end up with kind of really spam substance getting combined to syndicate all over the entire web.

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Henceforth, article directories and scripting one article and then syndicating it widely or uploading it on every web in the planet hoping that people will download it rapidly and use it on their website would not be greatly effective. There is a possibility that it might not be successful now compared to a few years ago.

Therefore, Google Webmaster’s personal recommendation is not to upload an article like that.
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