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How Social Media Sites Are Ranked?

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You have heard about crawling and indexing and ranking. These three operations are of utmost importance to Google Webmaster Console. So, do you have any idea whether Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are ranked in the traditional way or whether their signals are part of the ranking algorithm?

 Social Media Sites

Facebook and twitter and other social media websites are treated like any other pages in the web index. If Google is able to crawl the web pages then it can be returned to the search results. But as far as doing specific work; for example you have this many followers and likes on twitter and Facebook and you want to crawl them; then currently Google does not have any signals in their web search ranking algorithms.

You have two reasons why it is not possible:

  1. Google has to crawl the web to find out pages on those two properties, but time has revealed that crawling was blocked for a period of time by the Social Media site in the past to protect content. Therefore, the procedure to extract lot of data and then getting blocked half way through is not preferable by engineers. They consider it leery.
  1. It is also tricky because Google, as they crawl and fetch pages from the web, they sample the web at finite period of time. But what happens is, the social media page info changes every second: for example, someone can change the relationship status or block a friend. And if Google happens to crawl exactly at the same time, then incorrect information will be updated in search results. When you crawl an imperfect page, identification becomes a hard task. Engineers again find it wary to sample and rank such inconsistent page.

Social Media Sites

May be in the next 10 yrs span, Google will come up with a new way to help people find who has posted or updated content in their profile.

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