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How Should Older Domains Compete with the Newer Ones?

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Every day new domains are being established in Google. Sometimes these newer ones overtake the older domains in ranking. So the question is how do the older sites or domains maintain its integrity and compete with the new domains.

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One of the important advices given by the Google webmaster console is to take a fresh look at your site. If you land on random website on a search result, even if they are into the business for fourteen – fifteen years, you will notice sometimes they have not updated their templates or page layout in years together and it looks like a stale or an older site and that is the sort of thing which might not be appropriate for the business.

This will definitely not be an ideal approach. The reason being newer sites, more agile sites, more hungry sites or sites that have a better user experience can grow at a rapid speed or they can eclipse you if you do not continue to adopt, evolve and move with time. It is not that since you are a well established domain, and you have been around for a long time, you will automatically keep ranking number one.

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It is proven that plenty latest domains have by passed older domains. So one thing a well established site should keep in mind is to take a fresh a look at their lay out, whether they are providing the best user experience. If the layout is not as fresh and updated as the newer ones, which have better designs and concepts, then eventually people might prefer that user experience and migrate from your site and leave you behind for good.

It is not essential whether yours is a small site or well formed, but it’s how quickly you continue to move and grow over with time.

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