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Google Algorithm: How Are Search Results Ranked?

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Google makes use of Page Rank, which is an algorithm to rank web pages and websites in search results. In the entire process, Google weighs the importance of websites to rank them accordingly. However, now question arises if Google makes use of the same algorithm to rank search results on 1st page or does it uses different algorithms?

As far as web ranking is concerned, it is not different for position number 1 to 3, position number 4 to 6 or position number 7 to 10. Google uses same algorithm while deciding top 10 ranking of websites. After getting web results, whether they are 100 or 1000 in number, Google sort the websites on the basis of how relevant and reputed they are. After the results are sorted out using algorithms, websites are ranked on search results.

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It would be wrong to think that Google decides websites’ ranks by focusing on freshness, back links or social signals. Same algorithm is used to generate search engine results.

Google continues to evolve with time and now it must be noted that Google’s new search algorithm is named as ‘hummingbird’. It is widely believed that hummingbird has have had its effects on 90 percent of queries and it has somewhat changed the way in which engine processes the requests of any user.

It has now become important for a website to have ‘how to’, FAQ and tutorials’ section so as to get higher rank on search engine results. Also, keeping the site updated by uploading new high quality content on it would also help in getting a place in top 10 results. There are few strategies that must be kept in mind to increase presence over the internet and make your site visible to the users.

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