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Deal With Minor Duplicate Content Issue with Canonical Tag

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Are you wondering how you can avoid being caught by Google even if your website has minor duplicate content? How would Google duplicate content filter address the issue? There are several ways to combat the situation and one of the best one is to make use of “rel=canonical” tag. The trick undoubtedly works in the case of white hat and top-notch quality news publishers, especially when they are publishing breaking stories.

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Web masters often get confused as to how can issue of minor duplicate content be tackled properly. This is when one can use canonical tag to point towards one URL for the same story published on your website and also across other URLs. The tag would help in such a way that it would indicate the preferred location on the web where you would want your story or article to find its place. Also, the tag would enable people to read individual stories mentioned on other websites or pages which have similar content but they look different. This practice would also assist you in keeping yourself in Google’s good books and having higher rank over the search engine.


Like everyone else, one always wants that the website appears in first 10 search results on search engines. So as to ensure that a reader searches the breaking story uploaded on your website and also the entire story from where you took content, use rel=canonical tag, in place of providing a number of links which have all the more similar content. By following this practice, news publishers cannot get penalized by Google over duplication issue. The major idea is to spread information even while not appearing to be doing ‘copy-paste’ job, about which Google is very much concerned. The tag is very much useful and constructive for any website.

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