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How is Duplicate Content Handled by Google?

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Webmasters usually ponder as to how Google or other search engines treat duplicate content. As far as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules are concerned, they keep on changing with time. So it is always advisable to stay in tune with Google’s rules so that there is no negative effect on search engine rankings. No doubt, Google always advocate high quality and original content so as to come up with relevant and quality searches.

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If you are thinking how Google handles duplicate or copied content, you must know that all ‘copy-paste’ content is not considered as spam because on most of the websites, there are quotes that are copied and they are even linked to the original post or author. Such content is what Google doesn’t treat as spam. And notably, 20-25 percent of content on many websites is generally copied. However at the same time, it is always kept in mind that the content is synchronized properly and that it is given the correct rank.

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In a bid to prevent deceptive or malicious activities, Google keeps its eye on the websites and has the right to deem content as spam. So it is very important to make sure that the content uploaded on a website is not fully copied and pasted. To avoid this, what one can do is rephrase or re-write the content and make it keyword rich to get a better rank on Google or other search engines. And if one uses duplicate content, the source of the post can be provided. If your website has unique content, it would be rewarded with a better rank, which would in turn result in more traffic on your website. So always make sure that you upload original and high quality content on the website!

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