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It has been a topic of debate since a long time as to what should be the maximum number of links that should be placed on a page. Is 100 the magic number? If it is, what would be the consequences if one breaks this barrier? No doubt, earlier Google had advised that links should be kept to a reasonable number which is 100. But now just as everything else is evolving, so have the web and these guidelines. With such involvement in technical guidelines, content on websites as well as the way to present the content, Google has removed the guideline.

So which thumb of rule is applicable now? One can have a reasonable number of links on a page and not worry about 100-link barrier. There would be a limit on the size of a file, but it is larger now and so one can process higher number of links on a page. This can be done in the best possible manner by a professional SEO company New Delhi. Experts ensure that the links are neither less nor more.

In the meantime, it must be kept in mind that one doesn’t dilute PageRank by having many links on a web page. This is so because PageRank gets divided by the total number of links on the page. For example, if your web page contains 100 links, the PageRank will be divided by 100 and if the page has 1000 links, PageRank would be divided by 1000. This can reduce the PageRank. Also, there must not be tons and tons of links over a page as this makes them look spam.

All in all, if the content on your website is of high quality and it is presented with links in a user-friendly manner, one may not restrain self to 100 links on a page. For this, you may seek help from an experienced and professional SEO firm.

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  1. Gena says:

    What’s up to all, tҺе contents preѕent ɑt this
    web site are truly remarkable foг people experience, well, keep uρ the nice worκ fellows.

  2. cualidosoft says:

    Thanks Gena for your Feedback.

  3. It seems very complicated what would you suggest for my site?

    • cualidosoft says:

      Sorry for late reply. For that we have to do analysis of your Website. We can go further after your permission.

      • Jeff Brown says:

        You have my permission

      • cualidosoft says:

        ok jeff. My team will make detail analysis of your website. Should be mail you here

      • cualidosoft says:

        My team have email you in

        Search Engine Optimization
        Detail Analysis
        Detail of Links in your website
        1) There is no major issue regarding link present in your website.

        But we find some other major Problem in your Website. Which are stated below
        1) Canonical Issue
        2) Duplicate Content
        3) Meta Title, Description too long
        4) Backlink Profile Seems Weak
        5) Missing H1
        6) Missing Alt Text
        Above all Problem can stop you to get Good business from google. As you will be not able to get good ranking.
        Mentioning some keywords below where you dont rank and loose business
        buy cars in scottsdale Arizona Ranking 9th Page in
        buy cars in las vegas No rank in Top 10 Pages
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      • cualidosoft says:

        Hope you get my Reply

      • cualidosoft says:

        no update from your side.

      • Jeff Brown says:

        The company who built the site and that I pay monthly is supposed to fix it keep you posted.

      • cualidosoft says:

        But the company develop your website also do online marketing for you. Because you need serious online marketing. To get business.

      • cualidosoft says:

        SO your problem is solved. Jeff

      • Jeff says:

        They have been paid to solve it we will see.

      • cualidosoft says:

        We were just concern because they are handling your Online Marketing Campaign. How can they make so basic mistakes. In Future you need any services from us please let us know. Thank you.

      • Jeff Brown says:

        Yes I will Thank You.

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