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The fascinating ways of SEO and its crawlers!

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All about SEO

So you need some information about some random thing? You don’t know what is the best website you will get it? Where will you go to? Answer to this simple question is perhaps Google or any other search engine.

It has to be admitted that whenever we need any simple or complex piece of information, Google is our knight in the shining armor; or any other search engine for that matter. So, it can be concluded that any random website – big or small, gets its traffic through search engines. While we search and obtain results, most of the times, we go for the top search results (human tendency, nothing technical about it!). So if you own a website and want some heavy traffic on it, you need to get on the top of search results. Agreed?

Now how to get on the top of these search results? Scratching your head? Well that would remotely help. Something which can help you here is the Search Engine Optimization. Never heard of it? Well, SEO is a popular technique used by various websites to appear on top of search results on google.

How does it work?

To understand how this wonderfully amazing technique works, first you need to acknowledge that a search engine might be intelligent but still, it is not human. The entire search engine technique is text driven, that is they read the text written on your website. So if you are thinking that some super cool design and catchy interface is going to help you get traffic, you can’t be more wrong! ‘Content is King’ and you have to humbly accept it!

Okay. To elaborate better on this, here is a series of steps in which any search engine works:


Sounds creepy? It might, but that’s what it is called. A software named Spiders or crawlers or Googlebots – they crawl through your pages and keep on indexing them. Now since there are like billions of web pages, you can’t expect a crawler to pay you a visit daily. You are not that special to it. Moreover, as stated earlier, no images or videos are going to help as they won’t be crawled until and unless you run a spider simulator. So make a note about it!


Now when spiders are crawling through your pages, they will index it. Remember index in the starting in those childhood books? It’s exactly that! Difference is that the index and storage is really huge. Really, really huge. But the purpose is same. Some keywords are assigned which describes the page in the best possible manner and the pages are retrieved whenever required.


Now when the indexing is done and the page is stored by search engine, it’s time for the action. While you search something on the search engine, it compares the string of words with the pages it has stored in the index.  If it matches, Voila! Now there are billions of pages which may be related to it. So the search engine finds the relevancy of what has been searched with the indexed pages.

To calculate the relevancy, there are so many parameters and algorithms. The basic parameters are:

  • Keywords and its density
  • Links
  • Metatags

Different search engines put bate on different keywords. Some might consider keywords more important while for others, Links would be more crucial. And this is the reason that different that different search engine may produce different search results. Moreover, nothing is fixed! Algorithms keep changing so you better keep yourself updated!

So that’s all about SEO and how it works! Get your asses to work now!
Author: Kundan Bora


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