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Learning Some Lesser known Facts about Mobile Application Development in India

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mobile application development in India

Mobile application development is a preferred career choice amongst most IT professionals. Apart from being a rapidly growing industry, working in the area of mobile application development in India offers unlimited opportunities for software professionals unleash their creativity for developing unique apps that prove helpful to the users. Given below are some other little known facts about this industry that make it so attractive for people seeking a rewarding and progressive career!

  • Most often the mobile application development companies in Delhi and other parts of India create apps that target both mobile as well as desktop users.
  • A majority of apps developed for mobiles are still developed using the HTML web-technology, although the use of Java script technology is also gaining popularity at a rapid pace.
  • The most common HTML5 features preferred by a majority of mobile applications developers include CSS3 styling, local storage, animations and transitions, HTML video and…

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Happy Birth Day Google, Thanks for making our Life Simple !

Happy Birth Day google from cualidosoft

Happy Birth Day google

New: Reply Link Make it Easy to have conversation

facebook Update

facebook Update

New: Reply Link Make it Easy to have conversation

You can directly comment on your page.

The Most Conversation are shown at top.

Fore More Info:

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can give you much more than tags, pictures and videos, Try SMO services!

SMO service provider

The word Socializing is the most repetitive word today. You can hear it everywhere. And socializing is a very important facet for your career’s, personality’s and life’s growth. Hence, in the web you would find numerous social media sites and forums. Nowadays, people judge you and form an opinion about you though Facebook and Twitter. The irony is even marriages are now based on these social websites.

So why not use these social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ etc for a better purpose? And the purpose being advertising and marketing your product and brand? Yes, these forums are the ideal and best medium to nurture your business. Every second, millions of people are logging in and checking their accounts to find something interesting. Therefore, it is a must to make an excellent ad to present in such websites to catch the eyes of the user.

The task can be accomplished through SMO Services. SMO or Social Media Optimization is a process where the traffic rate of your website is increased in social platforms to attract better visibility to users. SEO and SMO have the similar concept where the former is done in search engine results and latter in social forums. This process is necessary because like you many sellers and brands would want their name to get popularized.

SMO is supposed to be executed only through professionals who know the mechanisms of the work. A very famous and frequently heard SMO company in India is Cualido Soft. Cualido Soft is the leading SMO service provider in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. Their accolades have reached far and wide outside India as well.

Social Media Optimization is a crucial step for the improvement of your business amongst your customers as this is the widest platform anyone can set their foot on. Hence, going with the right experts like Cualido Soft is more advisable.

Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Services, Delhi are on the Rise!

mobile application development services in Delhi

Long gone are the days when we used to sit in front of our laptops to make payments or check for information online. Today people are always on the go and so the needs are also changing accordingly.

With the boom of mobile phones and especially the smart phones, the IT companies also saw an acute increase in projects. Surely there were requirements wherein the end users wanted applications that would help them complete their work or gather information by the touch of a finger.

So even in India, apps/software’s were developed which were either pre installed on the mobiles or could be downloaded by the customers as per their need that helped them to access the same apps from different platforms.

Especially in our capital i.e. mobile application development services in Delhi were in demand and an increase in awareness among people was seen and that’s how CualidoSoft one among the very first mobile application development company in Delhi came up with their services like designing, developing and consulting.

One of their biggest merits is that they not only just specialise in the mobile applications but also;

  1. Reconstruct the old mobile apps into brand new ones.
  2. Right from education to entertainment, travel, shopping, etc all the services are offered to their reputable clients.
  3. They have successfully rendered their services overseas also.
  4. They believe in quality and aim to provide user friendly and secure services.

Apart from mobile apps, they provide variety of other services like SEO packages, Web designing, Ecommerce development, etc

Talking about Delhi, as we know that Noida, known as the IT capital of NCR is, of course a major hub for MNC’s and the mobile application development Noida saw that a some of the top most training institutes were set up apart from the corporate providing cutting edge web services.

How to manage your Privacy Check Up in Facebook

Three Quict Steps to help make sure that you are sharing with the right People


1) Post Sharing

Post Sharing

Post Sharing


2) Your App

Your App

Your App


3) Your Profile

Your Profile

Your Profile


How many of you have check all above settings in your Facebook profile. Please post your comment.


For more details on privacy on Facebook


Invalid Click Detection – The Key To Ensuring A Truly Successful Ad Campaign –

Invalid Click Detection - The Key To Ensuring A Truly Successful Ad Campaign (1)

Invalid Click Detection

One of the major fears that most MARKETERS harbor is that their competitors might be sabotaging their ad campaigns by unnecessary clicking on their ads to exhaust the daily budgets or even enhance the advertising prices. Now thanks to Google MARKETERS need not worry about any such issues as the company helps them to keep a close eye on ho is click their ads and with what intention.

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