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Why You Should Use Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager

The more the site becomes viral, the more are the chances of it getting worse in the performance. The reason for this phenomenon is the habit of adding tags to increase the functionality of the website which ends up in overcrowding of the pages. The respite in this field came in the form of Google Tag Manager (GTM). With this tool, the marketers got the sword like tool which helps them in adding, editing as well as removing the marketing tags without incorporating the help of a webmaster. Let’s take a look at the reasons which hints at why you should also use Google Tag Manager:

  • Making the website future proof
    There was a time when the task of upgrading to universal analytics seemed to be a hefty task because of the whole lot of code swapping and page modification that was required. But if you use GTM, upgrading to universal analytics takes simple modification and much less of effort as well as time.
  • Debug options
    With the debug option available in the Google Tag Manager, you can actually test the updates and debug them in your own browser before actually publishing them on the website. This feature is really important.
  • User permissions
    With Google Tag Manager, you get the option of setting permissions for users for the purpose of viewing, editing and publishing. You can control the individuals who have the option of making updates on the website and thus assist in creation of tags and macros.
  • Version control
    GTM is a great remedy for problems related to organisation of tags and the related problems. Here, once you publish a change, a new version is created, but the older versions are archived. This way, in case you want to get back to the old version, you can easily switch.
  • Built in tags
    For each of the renowned ad networks such as AdWords, GTM has included certain tags. This feature is particularly useful to the novice marketers who lack the needed experience in the field of coding. With this, the marketers can easily customize the tags with the help of the available information and without the need of using the codes.
  • Flexible
    Google Tag Manager is a great support for the marketers. When the marketers work with GTM, they need not make use of the services of developers at each and every step. Thus the developers can also focus on the bigger things, with minute tweaks being handled by the marketers themselves. The customization feature of GTM can help greatly with the tasks of the website.

All features of google tag manager

Google Plus come up the new feature Poll Feature

Today onward poll feature will be available in Google+

New Feature Poll

New Feature Poll

Now have fun with your friends by creating polls in Google+

Immersive Mode API – Helping Enhance User Experience with Greater Control over Navigation

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Immersive Mode API

One of the major problems faced by mobile users while using apps is the inability to use them in a truly full screen mode. This often takes the fun away from activities such as playing games or watching videos even on a device with a really large screen. To help the users overcome this problem, Android Kitkat 4.4 has been provided with a new feature named Immersive Mode. This feature not only provides the app developers a better control over the visibility of navigation bar but also enhances the user experience by enabling the apps to run in an authentic full screen mode.

A Review of Earlier Versions

Before taking a look at how the Immersive Mode can change revolutionize the app usage experience of Android clients, let us take a look at what the previous versions of full screen API had to offer. Earlier, Android supported two sets of…

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Media Router Framework – Helping Users Extend the Functionality of Their Smartphone

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Media Router Framework

Over the past couple of years the tremendous advances in Smartphone technology has ensured that people use these devices not only as means of communication but also for personal entertainment. In fact, streaming a wide range of media files through their mobile devices and Smartphone has become quite common for people using the same. In order to enhance the user experience in terms of usage of media files, Android offers an extremely useful feature in the form of Media Router Framework available in the support library. This feature enables individuals to use their Android device to cast and playback the media files stored on it through other external devices.

The Android media router is essentially acts as a mediation layer enabling the devices to broadcast the selected media content through external supported devices. So, whether the users intend to broadcast a presentation at a professional meet or watch a flick…

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Google AdWords Bulk Editing For Setting – Helping Advertisers Keep Pace with Changing Market Needs

Google AdWords Bulk Editing

One of the key factors for ensuring the success of an online marketing campaign is to keep pace with the changing needs and preferences of users. For attaining this objective, campaign managers need to be able to make changes to the various campaigns in a simple and fast manner. In this respect, Google AdWords Editor proves extremely effective as it enables campaign managers to change the settings across multiple campaigns in an easy, effective and time saving manner.

Advertisers often find it difficult to make bulk changes across hundreds of campaigns in a single go. The task becomes even more challenging in case of complex settings such as location targeting. But now thanks to the new Bulk Editing for Setting feature provided in Google AdWords the task can be completed within a few minutes. Advertisers get the benefit of immediately implementing the desired updates across numerous campaigns in an effortless manner.

The feature enables advertisers to sort and filter the campaign settings to enable them identify the aspects that need to be updated. A complex task like adding new target locations to campaigns that are currently targeting a specific location is made remarkably easy with the help of this feature. In addition it also enables, the advertisers to double check the updates that they have made, before they are actually implemented across multiple campaigns.

The constantly changing Search engine policies and user behavior require campaign managers to regularly edit and update their campaigns to meet the market demands. The Bulk Edit feature of Google AdWords ensures that this otherwise tedious and monotonous task is completed in a jiffy with just a few mouse clicks.

Campaign setting

Google AdWords

Learning Some Lesser known Facts about Mobile Application Development in India

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mobile application development in India

Mobile application development is a preferred career choice amongst most IT professionals. Apart from being a rapidly growing industry, working in the area of mobile application development in India offers unlimited opportunities for software professionals unleash their creativity for developing unique apps that prove helpful to the users. Given below are some other little known facts about this industry that make it so attractive for people seeking a rewarding and progressive career!

  • Most often the mobile application development companies in Delhi and other parts of India create apps that target both mobile as well as desktop users.
  • A majority of apps developed for mobiles are still developed using the HTML web-technology, although the use of Java script technology is also gaining popularity at a rapid pace.
  • The most common HTML5 features preferred by a majority of mobile applications developers include CSS3 styling, local storage, animations and transitions, HTML video and…

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Happy Birth Day Google, Thanks for making our Life Simple !

Happy Birth Day google from cualidosoft

Happy Birth Day google


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